1. See the big picture with Power BI for Office 365

    By Power BI Team With Power BI for Office 365 you can consume and share your dashboards on the go. You can choose between our Power BI app or HTML5 reports to share and collaborate from anywhere on any device. Watch this new video to see how you can "Express Your Cells", see the big picture and share it with your colleagues. Learn more Try Power BI See Power BI in action Download the Power BI App …Read More

  2. Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 18, No. 4

    Download this issue to learn best practices for IT and business users in big data projects; how to fill the demand for data scientists; how to align business strategy with BI capabilities; and more.…Read More

  3. Practical Predictive Analytics for the Line-of-Business Analyst

    Can business analysts effectively use predictive analytics? Adoption of predictive analytics and other advanced analytics has increased for a number of reasons, including a better understanding of the value of the technology and the availability of computing power. Economic factors are also a driving force in utilizing predictive analytics for business as companies strive to remain competitive. Co…Read More

  4. New in Power View HTML5 and the Power BI app

    By Power BI Team The Power View team is happy to announce the following updates to HTML5 and the Power BI app Power View in HTML5 and the Power BI app now have these features: Map drill-down works. Line charts have tooltips. Bar and column charts can show data labels. Small multiples can contain maps. Also, the Power BI app now includes the following updates (already in HTML5): Maps Maps can show …Read More

  5. New in Power BI: Data Source Management

    By Power BI Team Introduction The data management capabilities in Power BI for Office 365 are delivered both in the Power Query add-in for Excel, and in the Manage Data Portal in Office 365. To help data stewards and information workers get the most from their Power BI experience, we've updated the Manage Data Portal to improve the visibility and manageability of arguably the most important metada…Read More

  6. What would be your question if you could ask the Power BI team anything?

    By Power BI Team That was the question that has been on our minds for some time, and the Power BI team was up to the challenge. Thus, we decided to set up a Reddit AMA session, which we held last Tuesday June 10th. The premise was simple: ask us anything. The Power BI team spent hours answering questions from users and Businesses Intelligence enthusiasts about: The Power BI product Power BI's conc…Read More

  7. Transitioning from SMP to MPP, the why and the how

    By SQL Server Team This blog post was authored by: Sahaj Saini, PM on the Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS) team. In this blog post, we'll provide a quick overview of Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) vs. Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) systems, how to identify triggers for migrating from SMP to MPP, key considerations when moving to Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS), and a disc…Read More