1. The Changing Fabric of BI Environments: Supporting Line-of-Business Personnel and Data Scientists

    Today's BI environments have split personalities. They must support the production of routine reports and analyses used every day for decision-making by line-of-business employees, and yet, also enable data scientists and data crunchers to “freewheel” through the data in an unplanned, experimental fashion. What magic is this? How can implementers create a sustainable BI environment with these …Read More

  2. Meet our Demo Contest Grand Prize Winner: Michael Carper

    By Power BI Team It's time to play the music! It's time to light the lights! It's time to announce the grand prize winner of the Power BI Demo contest tonight! (ok, technically today) Congratulations to Michael Carper and his Power BI demo of live tweeting during NBA games. Michael is the grand prize winner of the Power BI demo contest! A big thank you goes out to our team of judges: James Rowland…Read More

  3. The Ventana Research Value Index: Business Intelligence 2012

    Ventana Research ranked Information Builders high in its Value Index for Business Intelligence 2012 study. Prepared for Information Builders, the report is based on a thorough analysis of customer assurance and product categories that best represent how an organization should evaluate its BI technology vendor.…Read More

  4. Q&A: Analytics in Higher Ed Can Yield Rich Results

    Leaders at two universities well-known for their work with analytics -- Arizona State University and the University of Arizona – discuss the challenges and opportunities that the use of analytics presents.…Read More

  5. Using Analytics to Navigate Healthcare Reform

    How are leading healthcare executives preparing their organizations for the future of healthcare? Key findings gained from SAS research reveal five strategic imperatives, which are summarized in this paper, along with valuable insights on how analytics can play a role to ensure success. Addressing each of the strategic imperatives will require investments in advanced analytics, data-driven tactics…Read More

  6. Accelerate Your Choice Of An MDM Strategy: Understand The Options, Pick What’s Right For You

    There's a dizzying array of approaches to master data management (MDM). You can build a solution yourself or acquire one from a vendor. The vendor's solution may be a dedicated MDM application or a collection of functions within a larger tool. Your MDM solution can manage one data domain (customers, products, financials, etc.) or manage several. Your solution may focus on BI, operational applicati…Read More

  7. Describing the forecasting models in Power View

    By Power BI Team Power View performs advanced statistical analysis of the data in your line charts to generate forecasts that incorporate trends and seasonal factors. If you want to learn more about these methods and how to customize your forecasts to get the best results, read on! We've also provided some references at the end of this article if you are interested in the background behind these m…Read More

  8. Microsoft releases HDInsight for Hadoop 2.4 And Gains 100x Performance Increase

    By SQL Server Team Yesterday, at the Hadoop Summit, Microsoft announced that Azure HDInsight now supports Hadoop 2.4. This is the next release of our 100 percent Apache Hadoop-based distribution for Microsoft Azure. In conjunction with Hortonworks recent release of HDP 2.1 as a Hadoop on Windows offering and Analytics Platform System as a Hadoop and data warehousing appliance, this release of Azur…Read More

  9. Visualizing the World Cup history with Excel and Power BI

    By Power BI Team This blog post was authored by Marc Reguera, finance director, Microsoft Besides my family and friends, I have two additional passions in life: soccer and data visualization. Like most kids growing up in Europe, my dream was to become a soccer professional. I wanted this so badly that I actually followed my dream, and I played 3rd division for the Paris Saint Germain's youth team …Read More

  10. New: ASP.NET Session State Provider for SQL Server In-Memory OLTP

    By SQL Server Team Microsoft SQL Server 2014 brings new performance and scalability gains by introducing In-Memory OLTP. In-Memory OLTP contains tables and indexes optimized for in memory. Transactions execute under lock-free algorithms to provide linear scalability and Transact-SQL stored procedures can be compiled in native machine code for maximum efficiency in processing. Working with SQL Serv…Read More