1. Collaborative Software Development Platforms for Crowdsourcing

    By ancatrusca Outsourcing to the crowd, or crowdsourcing, has launched extremely successful businesses, such as Linux. But platforms for ef cient collaboration and crowdsourcing support are still emerging. Authors Xin Peng, Ali Babar, and I provide an overview of current technologies for crowdsourcing. I look forward to hearing from both readers and prospective column authors about this column and…Read More

  2. Creating and deploying hybrid mobile apps using PhoneGap Build

    By carljoseph This article describes everything that you need to know when developing an app for PhoneGap Build either as someone completely new to this type of development or as an experienced Cordova/PhoneGap developer who hasn't used PhoneGap Build before.…Read More

  3. Cybersecurity, Process Streamlining Top Primagaz CTO’s Investment Agenda

    By Gaurav Sharma, Contributor Aside from the obvious drive towards process streamlining and efficiencies, European oil and gas companies are also investing heavily in cybersecurity, an incremental trend that is set to continue, according to the CTO of a leading French energy distributor. Alexis Bédeneau, Head of IT at Primagaz France, owned by international conglomerate [...]…Read More

  4. Don’t Fall Victim to One of These Common SQL Programming ‘Gotchas’

    By agasw Even experienced SQL programmers can sometimes be thrown for an infinite loop -- or other code failure -- by one of the many pitfalls of the popular development platform. Get the upper hand by monitoring and managing your databases in the cloud via the Morpheus database-as-a-service.…Read More

  5. Why productivity vs control in app development is a simple matter of proportionate force

    By mswatcher Picture the scene: you find yourself in a bar or pub, having a drink with some friends. Suddenly, a man you don't know comes up to you and begins aggressively shouting and shoving you, spilling your drink in the process. It's clear that you need to address the issue…but how? Hurriedly, you form two options in your head. Do you a) ask the man to leave you alone, and, only if he persi…Read More

  6. Staples E-cycling Program Has Businesses in Mind

    By Heather Clancy, Contributor Unless you work for a huge company that contracts with an IT services or leasing firm, the options for disposing of outdated or damaged electronics and computing equipment are relatively limited. And, it's far from an easy process, if you want to do it "right." Staples Advantage is trying to change [...]…Read More