1. Vaxxe Interactive announces acquisition of Mindlin Consulting

    Vaxxe Interactive is proud to announce the acquisition of Mindlin Consulting Group. This acquisition further solidifies Vaxxe's position as the premier Fourth Shift consulting company. Please see the press release for more information and contact Vaxxe Interactive today for all of your Fourth Shift needs.  …Read More

  2. Thank you nurses!

    Today begins National Nurses Week 2019 and the team at Vaxxe Interactive would like to thank all the nurses in our lives for the amazing job that they do!…Read More

  3. Fantastic idea from LEGO!

    The LEGO Group is producing braille bricks to help blind children learn through play. This is great stuff! https://brickset.com/article/43437/lego-to-produce-braille-kits-to-help-blind-children-learn-through-play…Read More

  4. Vaxxe Interactive has partnered with ProntoForms

    Vaxxe Interactive is proud to announce our partnership with ProntoForms. ProntoForms is a leading provider of smart mobile forms for enterprise. ProntoForms software is used to collect and analyze field data with smartphones and tablets either as a standalone solution or as a mobile front end to corporate systems of record--all with a no-code solution. ProntoForms 100,000+ subscribers harness …Read More

  5. Advances in Technology

    The first real job I had was at a transport company.  We used giant servers that held all of our data that housed nearly 1000 square feet. We had to have employees working 24/7 to stay on top of any issues that would come up. I remember how slow the system was but we knew no other way and managed to work through it. If we had to compare our systems now to then, we wouldn't be able to tolerate it…Read More

  6. Transform Your Business With ERP

    Even though the “E” in ERP stands for enterprise, high growth and midsize companies are now rapidly adopting the system. Cloud based solutions are not only making enterprise resource planning more affordable they can also make these systems easier to implement and manage. Perhaps even more importantly, cloud ERP allows for real time reporting making them valuable to executives and staff seekin…Read More

  7. The Functions Of ERP

    Enterprise Resource System is a system that allows companies to manage the sales process and track activities of their customers. Perhaps a simpler way to explain ERP systems are is to think of them performing several functions. What Does It Do? Lead To Cash Lead to cash starts with the process of acquiring new customers, securing orders, delivering services and products, and finally invoicing an…Read More

  8. ERP And Your Business

    Enterprise resource planning is a business management software that a company can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many different businesses including: product planning, manufacturing or service delivery, marketing and sales, inventory management, and shipping and payment. ERP provides an integrated view of core business practices often in real time by using common databases. …Read More

  9. Why Computer Consulting Is Right For Your Business

    Not all of us are computer experts which is why in the ever changing landscape of technology it is good to have somebody knowledgeable on your side. Computer consulting is an important part of making your business what you want it to be. Unfortunately, with the quickly changing state of technology, it is challenging for businesses to fully achieve their Information Technology goals, let alone offe…Read More