1. IBM bolsters cloud credentials with Cloudant purchase

    By Stu Robarts IBM has completed its acquisition of database-as-a-service (DBaaS) provider Cloudant. The purchase will further IBM's interests in big data and analytics, cloud computing and mobile. Financial details of the deal have not been disclosed.Cloudant allows organisations to create web and mobile apps using data that is managed in the cloud. It provides developers with a JSON based servic…Read More

  2. Uroburos malware switch flipped in the Ukraine

    By Nick Farrell Security experts from BAE have released a report claiming that the mysterious Uroburos malware which was recently found by German experts has been switched on in the Ukraine.Uroburos rootkit burrows deep into a Windows operating systems, steals files and transmits them back to its masters. It is built to target high-security installations. The malware requires an Internet connectio…Read More

  3. Investing in Continuous Delivery

    By bball Agile development and continuous iteration places new demands on operations to support rapid application delivery, in which small changes are released often and apps must be tested on an ongoing basis.…Read More

  4. Developers can now get in on the HTC BlinkFeed action

    By JR Bookwalter HTC's latest and greatest flagship smartphone, the HTC One (M8), is at long last officially official, which means it's time to start digging into the nitty-gritty of just what the company's updated Sense user interface has in store for us.Engadget followed up this morning's HTC media event by detailing how the Taiwanese smartphone maker plans to open its built-in skin ever so slig…Read More

  5. Opinion: Office for iPad makes sense for Nadella’s Microsoft

    By Mary Branscombe While Steve Ballmer talked about bringing Office to the iPad when the technology was right, its new CEO Satya Nadella gets to bring that to market as part of the One Microsoft vision. Rather than doing it with Ballmer's trademark bombast and bluster, Nadella has his own, slightly dry way. While it's unmistakably a response to the huge success of iPad and Android tablets, he's pi…Read More

  6. Spring Boot 1.0 is here to kick your development up a gear with innovative containerless architecture

    By cmayerv1 Essentially, Spring Boot allows for auto configuration of Spring applications without the need for manual configuration of environmental requirements. The software is supported by Cloud Foundry, allowing for “seamless” deployment to the cloud, although Boot applications can also be used with other providers, or within personal data centres.…Read More

  7. Scalability testing with JMeter

    By Freducom How do you test the scalabilty of your web application? JMeter is a de facto standard tool for doing your testing but how do you ensure your Vaadin application is testable with the same test cases throughout the development phase? Read more in the blog.…Read More

  8. Nike denies that FuelBand’s race is run, but new devices appear unlikely

    By Chris Smith Nike has moved to calm reports it plans to ditch its completely FuelBand wearables division following layoffs this week.A report on Friday claimed the sportswear giant had fired the majority of staff in charge of developing the fitness wristbands, in order to focus solely on software.While Nike confessed to a "small number" of layoffs, the firm says it remains committed to selling e…Read More