1. Staples E-cycling Program Has Businesses in Mind

    By Heather Clancy, Contributor Unless you work for a huge company that contracts with an IT services or leasing firm, the options for disposing of outdated or damaged electronics and computing equipment are relatively limited. And, it's far from an easy process, if you want to do it "right." Staples Advantage is trying to change [...]…Read More

  2. CSS Tools for Creating Amazing Websites

    By Waheed_Akhtar To ease web development an make it quick we have put together a collection of the best CSS tools that help achieve the desired results in a very short time. All of the tools in the today's collection help in a variety of ways in creating an amazing website.…Read More

  3. Why Development Time Estimation is So Hard (and a cool puzzle)

    By mikojava For software projects, making estimations accurately is exponentially more complex–there is even a term for it: “scope creep”, which RebelLabs asked developers about in the Developer Productivity Report 2013 (PDF), which, among other things, asked about how the predictability of software/project delivery is influenced by tools and methodologies. Interesting findings in there.…Read More

  4. The MIT Curse Strikes Again: Lilliputian Systems Files For Bankruptcy

    By Michael Kanellos, Contributor I'll be up front. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the finest universities in the world. Numerous graduates have made lasting contributions to science. And the closest I could have ever got to being part of the MIT family would have probably been working as a stock boy [...]…Read More