1. VMworld 2014 News and Insta-Analysis: VMware Doubles Down on the Cloud

    By Kurt Marko, Contributor As VMware lifts the curtain on its annual festival to virtualization, cloud and the myriad ways software is eating the data center, for an event that's become a milestone on the annual tech calendar where IT managers and sysadmins rub shoulders with industry executives, analysts and entrepreneurs, its clear the [...]…Read More

  2. 21 Best JavaScript Frameworks 2014

    By griddr Below, we present 21 best & useful JavaScript frameworks 2014 are helpful for every front-end developer. JavaScript frameworks is the one of the best features of the JavaScript programming language. JavaScript frameworks is a library of pre-written JavaScript which allows for easier development of JavaScript-based applications. These Javascript frameworks provide many functions, help…Read More

  3. How To Keep Innovators Happy? Use The ‘Dandelion Principle’

    By Ava Seave, Contributor “It's no accident that great achievers, in business or beyond, rarely fit into conventional molds,” say Robert Austin and Thorkil Sonne, in a recent article in the MIT Sloan Management Review . They have proposed a method to “harness more of the world's talent, and to make organizations more innovative” [...]…Read More

  4. Collaborative Software Development Platforms for Crowdsourcing

    By ancatrusca Outsourcing to the crowd, or crowdsourcing, has launched extremely successful businesses, such as Linux. But platforms for ef cient collaboration and crowdsourcing support are still emerging. Authors Xin Peng, Ali Babar, and I provide an overview of current technologies for crowdsourcing. I look forward to hearing from both readers and prospective column authors about this column and…Read More

  5. Cybersecurity, Process Streamlining Top Primagaz CTO’s Investment Agenda

    By Gaurav Sharma, Contributor Aside from the obvious drive towards process streamlining and efficiencies, European oil and gas companies are also investing heavily in cybersecurity, an incremental trend that is set to continue, according to the CTO of a leading French energy distributor. Alexis Bédeneau, Head of IT at Primagaz France, owned by international conglomerate [...]…Read More

  6. Why productivity vs control in app development is a simple matter of proportionate force

    By mswatcher Picture the scene: you find yourself in a bar or pub, having a drink with some friends. Suddenly, a man you don't know comes up to you and begins aggressively shouting and shoving you, spilling your drink in the process. It's clear that you need to address the issue…but how? Hurriedly, you form two options in your head. Do you a) ask the man to leave you alone, and, only if he persi…Read More